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Pictures by Bas De Meijer
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Video By Dan Dominy of Delft VeloX3
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Sunday Sept 8
Dave Larrington's blog Sunday
Jeff Wills Sunday Pictures
Jun Nogami's blog Sunday

Monday Sept 9
Dave Larrington's blog Monday
Tom Adams Monday Pix
Jeff Wills Monday Morning Pictures
Jeff Wills Monday Evening Pictures
Jun Nogami's blog Monday

Tuesday Sept 10
Dave Larrington's blog Tuesday
Tom Adams Tuesday Pix

Jeff Wills Tuesday Morning Pictures
Jeff Wills Tuesday Evening Pictures
Jun Nogami's blog Tues Morning
Jun Nogami's blog Tuesday show-shine
Jun Nogami's blog Tuesday night

Wednesday Sept 11
Dave Larrington's blog Wednesday
Jeff Wills Wednesday Morning Pictures
Tom Adams Wednesday Pix
Jun Nogami's blog Wednesday Morning
Jun Nogami's blog Wednesday night

Thursday Sept 12
Dave Larrington's blog Thursday
Jeff Wills Thursday Morning Pictures
Jeff Wills Thursday Evening Pictures
Tom Adams Thursday Pix
Jun Nogami's blog Thursday morning

Friday Sept 13
Dave Larrington's blog Friday
Jeff Wills Friday Morning Pictures
Tom Adams Friday Pix
Jun Nogami's blog Friday morning
Jun Nogami's blog Friday night

Saturday Sept 14
Dave Larrington's blog Saturday
Jeff Wills Saturday Morning Pictures
Jeff Wills Saturday Evening Pictures
Tom Adams Saturday Pix
Jun Nogami's blog Saturday morning
Jun Nogami's blog Saturday afternoon
Jun Nogami's blog Saturday night

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