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For anyone interested in watching the races:
The event will be held on a stretch of State Route 305 about 14 miles South of Battle Mountain, Nevada. Battle Mountain is located on US Highway 80 about 220 miles Northeast of Reno, Nevada and 300 miles West of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The event will start at approximately 5:30pm on Monday September 13th. and ends on Saturday, September 18th at 7:00pm. Rain or wet conditions will cancel that day's runs. Any daily cancellations due to weather will be available on the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce telephone at 775-635-8245.

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Very Important Guidelines:
NDOT is very concerned about the safety of the race participants and spectators.  They are responsible for stopping traffic during the event. For Safety's sake we have to impose the following rules: 

  • Each night a free shuttle bus will depart from the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce to take spectators to the spectator area.

  • Bike riding to the event is not allowed due to lack of shoulders and high speed gravel truck traffic. 

  • Absolutely no spectators may walk or ride on Rt. 305 once the road has been closed.

  • If you wish to drive, a parking area about a mile from the timing traps, at mile marker 104 has been designated. You can walk to the spectator area from there before the road is closed. This will be a minor adventure in bushwhacking as you should not walk close to the road. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes, and bring some water. No parking is allowing along the road.

  • Absolutely no spectators may walk or ride on State Route 305 once the road has been closedThere will be a spectator area with bleachers and a porta-potty at the timing traps. It is the best spot to view the record attempts at their highest speed.

  • No spectator vehicles will be allowed to park along the course!  

Be sure to arrive no later than 5pm to assure that you won't miss anything. The road closures and attempts will run from 5:30 until 7:00pm, with a traffic break after the first 20 minutes of speed runs. After the races, join us at the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce for the announcement of the times, speeds, wind conditions, etc.


Super 8 Motel
Address: 825 Super 8 Dr. P. O. Box 307 Battle Mountain, NV, 89820 USA
Phone: 775-635-8808

Other Motels in Battle Mountain

Other things to do in Battle Mountain:
The Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce usually plans a few activities for the visitors during the week which may include Golf, Horse back riding, a Gold Mine tour, entertaining Mountain Man presentation,  and target shooting. 

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