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Brad Teubner took these great pictures of the WPSC2004 event week. 
Wordage by Warren. 

Frank Geyer cranks down Rt 305 and blasts through the traps  in the Big Gun speedbike. Frank's best speed was 63.57MPH.

You can click on each of these pictures to display a larger image.

You need lots of gears to go 60+ MPH. Here's a look at the Big Gun's front wheel drive drivetrain. The Big Gun was built by Steve Delair of Rotator recumbents.
 Steve Delair adjusts the Big Gun's canopy in preparation for a qualification run. The engine, or "velonaut" Frank Guyer is suited up and ready to go.
Ron Layman powers the Cal Poly Velox Solium down Rt 305, heading for the timing trap. Ron now owns the collegiate 200 meter speed record at 59.89 MPH.
 Here's the drivetrain of the Velox Solium. 
As the sun sets on Rt 305, the wind dies to practically nothing. This is a major requirement for setting speed records with human power.
Paul Gracey and crew man the delicate HPVA timing system. The poles have hotwires mounted to the tops, which are used to determine wind speed in the timing traps. pressure sensitive tapes on the road are affixed 200 meters apart and connected to a computer to determine the racer's speed.
Ellen van Vugt of the Netherlands races the Varnowski streamliner on Rt 305. This Varna clone was built from by Steve Nash and Joe Kochinowski in the amazing time period of 2 weeks. 

Ellen broke the Women's 200 meter speed record during this event, at 65.89 MPH!

Ellen prepares to qualify on Muleshoe road. Her Elan teammates determine if Ellen can fit in the bike.
Ellen was jammed into this bike like a sardine. The bottom bracket was too close, and her helmet was jammed into the canopy. 

How fast could she have gone in a bike that she could actually stretch out in? She may find out soon as it is rumored that she has placed an order for a (slightly larger) Varna clone of her very own. 

"Fast" Freddy Markham makes a run on Rt 305. Freddy's best speed for the week was an amazing 72.92 MPH.
Here's the drivetrain of Freddy's Varna clone. Deceptively simple, the standard Varna drivetrain only has 4 gears.  
Freddy's Varna clone was specially repainted for the event and emblazoned with the bentrideronline logo. 
Tom Nowak races a Coroplast bodied Rotator Super 7 and runs a respectable 45.64 MPH.
Tom poses with the Super 7 at the qualification site.
Orin Macquarrie races his Varna Clone on Rt. 305. Orin's high speed for the week was a personal best at 49.88 MPH. 
The parking lot behind the race motel was busy. Like any other vehicle racing event, racers are busy preparing their vehicles for the race.
The Easy Racer Tri-Rush gets some last minute tweaks. Dean Peterson's GoldRush based Rotator Coyote just waits for the moment.
The Varna Diablo is ready to race. People mill about and discuss racing strategies and how to cut apart derailleurs and put them back together as mid-drives.
The Tri-Rush needed no mid drive, just a huge chainring. This is about as simple a drivetrain as you can get, but only works if you have rear wheel steer!
Here's the Tri-Rush Rear wheels and steering. Note the extremely narrow wheelbase. Unlike a single track speedbike, this bike goes straight without many pilot corrections. 
Here's the Tri-Rush while qualifying on Muleshoe road. It's tiny. 
The pilot looks between his legs, through the drivetrain, and out that tiny window to see where he's going. On the Rt. 305 course, Mackie Martin pushed this bike to 51.79 MPH.
Mark Mueller of Mueller Human Power (makers of Windwrap fairings) passes by Garrie Hill's .decimach timing system in his Coroplast bodied Greenspeed SLR. Mark was timed at 44.10 MPH.
Race Director Jonathan Woolrich took this picture of Mount Lewis on Sunday before he left. This shows how much the weather changed during the course of the event. 

WHPSC2004 Photos by Ruben Garcia of
Thanks to Rueben for the obviously professional great photos below.

Frank Geyer blasts by the timing traps in Steve Delair's Big Gun.
Ron Layman in the Velox Solium.
 Sam Whittingham scorches past the timing traps at 70+ MPH.
Orin Macquarrie in his Varna Clone Highracer. 
A happy Orin Macquarrie out of the Varna Clone Highracer...
Georgi Georgiev makes himself a big target for Sam to aim for before catching him.
 A happy Freddy Markham after a speed run.
Hans Wessels is extracted from the White Hawk after a record attempt.
Ellen van Vugt on course in the Varnowski Varna clone.
Ellen van Vugt passes the timing traps on her way to a new women's world speed record of 66.02 MPH.
 Ellen waits at the end of her run while the top is removed.
Ellen recovers from a record speed run. Top racers give every ounce of energy to their 5 minute speed run.
Racer catch zone volunteer George Leone holds Ellen while she recovers enough to stand up.
Varna tops. Notice how much narrower the canopy on Sam's Diablo is. The Diablo body is a bit narrower too, though not obviously so. Otherwise the tops look pretty similar...


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