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Due to the less than ideal conditions present during the week of Battle Mountain 2003, this was the first year that Sam Whittingham did not set a new 200 meter world record. He did post the fastest speed for the event at 78.242 MPH. He also set a new world record for the fastest HPV crash, at over 80MPH, briefly going airborne in the process. This crash occurred because of a blowout just before the timing traps. Sam was shaken by the crash and slide but the well built Varna Diablo protected him from damage and he emerged unscathed.

Freddy Markham raced the Varna Mephisto and posted a top speed of 68.387 MPH. 

We are looking forward to seeing Sam, Fred and George return for the 2004 event. 

Varna Diablo II at BM in 2003 - Picture by Arne Hodalic
Fred being prepared for launch at BM 2003

Sam will be racing the Diablo II again this year, but next year... 
For 2005 Varna designer/builder George Georgiev is modifying the Diablo II molds to create a new 2 wheeled speedbike. The body of this version will be a couple inches longer,  and an inch or so wider than the Diablo, but the wheelbase will be stretched a whopping 6 inches. George knows that a longer wheelbase is very important for stability a high speeds. This bike will be a camera bike, and George has modified the top of the bike to remove the canopy and replacing it with a more aerodynamic method of fairing Sam's head.
New Varna speedbike plug mounted on rotating frame
Picture by John Tetz

Picture by John Tetz
George  is also working on a new 3 wheeled speedbike, based on a design he originally built in 1987. This LWB FWD delta camera navigated trike has a 14 inch track width, and is the smallest frontal area streamliner he has ever built. Because of the extremely narrow track, this trike may not be safely rideable on SR305, as the bumps and slight camber may cause the vehicle to tip. When George originally built it, camera technology had not progressed to the point where he could use camera to navigate it, but now the technology is widely available. This design will overcome the wind sensitivity issues that single track speedbikes have at high speeds. 

In this picture you can see the fairing shape for the narrow track rear wheels.

This is a front view of the trike shell. You can see the comparison to the Varna Diablo in the background. The new shell is very similar in shape to the Diablo, but without the canopy bulge. Georgi believes the frontal area will be smaller. The camera makes it look kind of big but in reality it isn't. 
Picture by John Tetz

Picture by John Tetz
This is the old Torso2 trike shell with a modified top. George says that this bike went the straightest of any bike he has ever built, so the pilot can concentrate on maximum power rather than keeping the vehicle on the road. George says that in the late 1980s, while flying blind, Sam powered this bike in a 1K TT to 53MPH. 
Georgi recently sent me these pictures of the next generation of Varna speedbikes. Here's another shot of the Varna singletrack speedbike. No canopy is required as it will use video camera remote viewing
Here's the new camera operated delta trike speedbike fairing. This one is about the same size and shape as the Diablo, but with dual wheel fairings in the back.
Another shot of the trike fairing.
George contemplates on the beautiful shapes. 
Georgi takes a break from sculpting the fairings to play with his dog, Leah.

Sam's BM 2003 Powertap graphs showing speed VS power


Varna Diablo II Statistics
Size - 8 feet long, 16.0 inches wide, 29.5 inches high
Weight - 60 lbs

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