WHPSC 2003 pictures by Arnie Hodalic
WHPSC 2003 pictures by Arne Hodalic
Arne is a National Geographic photographer from Slovenia, and you can tell by the quality of there pictures that he is a professional. He was part of the four person Eivie team from Slovenia. Comments by Warren (please let me know which pictures are of Matjaz, and which are Damjan)
The Slovenian team arrives at the Reno airport with the Eivie streamliner packed into two huge crates. That's Damjan between the crates, and Juri standing by.
Matjaz simulates a 70MPH run in the Comfort Inn parking lot.
Sam Whittingham climbs out of the Diablo II during test runs on the frontage road.
 Thom Ollinger gets uncorked from the Coslinger II after a test run on the frontage road.
Matjaz warms up for his SR305 run. 
 Sam Warms up on his Optima Baron
 Matjaz warms up, while the cameras click away from every angle.
Matjaz is taped in, and gets the breather hose connected
 Thom Ollinger asks Freddy Marham if he'd like to have the oil checked.
Joe Kochinowki prepares to run in his Varna clone, while Thom Ollinger steadies him.
 Joe takes off for a 60MPH+ run.
Sam is squeezed into the Varna Diablo II shell. 
 Joe Kochinowski flashes by the timing and wind measurement gear.
The well sponsored Eivie speedbike  
 Dean Pederson prepares for his run in the Rotator Coyote.
Orin Macquarrie prepares to launch Rotator head honcho Steve Delaire in the Big Gun.
Walt Tibbits, this year's race start official, prepares to give Steve the go for a launch.
The Eivie team prepares to launch their backwards facing rider down the track. 
On Thu, the Eivie team had a horrible time getting Damjan launched, with 3 or 4 crashes, one off into the weeds.
Matt Weaver, riding a Rotator FWD big-wheeler, was the winner of the 15-lap airport road race.  
 Orin Macquarrie cruises down SR305 on his highwheeler Varna clone.
Sam gets hooked up with his breather hose in preparartion to race.
Sam appears to be ready to be shot into low earth orbit.
Sam is launched.
Damjan is launched in the Eivie sppedbike. Matjaz steadies the bike.
After what must have been a fast run, an exhausted Thom Ollinger is helped out of the Coslinger Special II.
Garner Martin cleans the Virtual Rush in preparation for a run.
 Sam blasts down the road at 75 MPH.
 Mackie Martin in the Virtual Rush camera bike.

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