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The IHPVA has approved Canadian Sam Whittingham's  Herculean 80.55 mph (129.6kph) record set in October of 2001, while racing the George Georgiev designed Varna Diablo. Sam improved his performance by 7MPH over his 2000 performance by using this new streamliner, and by greatly increasing his training schedule.

Sam Whittingham's significant other, Andrea Blaseckie, who is the current women's 200 meter speed record holder will be returning to Battle Mountain to race in a Varna streamliner this year after taking a one year hiatus. She won the women's 200 meter speed record at 54.03MPH in 2000, racing the "Bibet Varna".


Varna Diablo - Picture by John Cassidy

July 31 Update
Andrea Blaseckie may race the Varna Mephisto this year.

Aug 30 Update
The Varna team has completed their new speedbike and is tweaking it (and it's rider) for maximum performance. 

Sept 23 Update
George and Sam have now finished tweaking the Diablo 2002 speedbike. This new version is slightly narrower, slightly lower, and has a narrowed canopy. It has also lost the "Varna Bulge" (The bulge in the fairing before the windscreen) that is evident on previous incarnations of the Varna streamliners. This should provide it with better laminar flow than with previous versions. In addition, they have added wheel covers to seal off the wheel openings from the vehicle interior, and in a humanitarian effort, have provided Sam with a breathing tube which sucks in air from the trailing edge of the bike. Sam calculates this one will go over 85MPH.

Bibet Varna

Varna Diablo 2002 Statistics
Size - 8 feet long, 16.0 inches wide, 29.5 inches high
Weight - 60 lbs

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