Varna Diablo details

Varna Diablo Details
Varna Diablo designer and builder George Georgiev adjusts the drivetrain.
Sam Whiitingham demonstrates the Varna Diablo riding position, while George looks on. 
Diablo Top view showing streamlined shape, and how much Sam needs to squeeze his shoulders down to fit in the bike.
Diablo rear view, showing Sam's dye job that his sister recently gave him.
Diablo drivetrain, showing extreme crank and chainring overlap of tire. 
Diablo drivetrain with Sam on the bike. This shows the tight clearances between man and machine.
Closeup of the Diablo jackshaft assembly, showing derailleur mounting.
Exploded view of the Varna jackshaft assembly
Varna Diablo front wheel, showing stabilizer bars.
Detail of carbon fiber / Nomex honeycomb disk wheels, and Panaracer tires
Varna Diablo rear wheel
Sam gets launched for another record run on Highway 305.

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