2007 Nissan Challenge Thursday pictures
2007 Nissan Challenge pictures
Thurs 4/5/07 Pictures from the Nissan Challenge 1 hour human human powered vehicle racing event.
These pictures were taken around the hotel in Casa Grande on the day before racing.

Varna, Varna, Varna, Varna, Varna, and more around the corner!

Pictures by Al Krause. You can click any of these pictures to view a larger image.

Dave Balfour's Varna and Half a new top. This bike will be raced by Rob English.

You can read Rob's report of the event here

The Frank_n_liner (front) and the M5 #8.
 Dave Balfour in his Sorcerer trike
 Ellen van Vugt's Varna. Note the top mounted Rohlhoff drive.
The silver White Hawk 
Dean (dogboy), working on his Coyote streamliner in the room. 
Mike Mowett's pictures
Kevin Berls Varna (top) and the M5 #8 pass in the parking lot.
This area is very flat! Here's a shot of the Battle Mountain like road north of the Nissan entrance.
Varnas coming at ya in the shade
Damjan carries the bags, while his boss Dave, and Jacek carry the Eivie speedbike to their room.
Dave, Damjam, Jacek, and Eivie.
Hans van Vugt and Steve Nash discuss going fast.
Eivie going up 4 story winding stairs.
Damjan's training bike, an Eivie going forward, by their trailer.
The Eivie team came loaded for bear.
The Eivie team trailer
Eivie speedbike from the back. Very nice. 
The Franciso Hotel fountain oasis.
The Franciso Courtyward, Streamliner heaven...
While most races were able to stay in the steet level courtyard rooms, some had to carry their bikes up in the Franciso hotel Tower portion. 
The Frank-n-Liner doubles as a storage bin.
Frank-n-Liner with the top off.
This looks like Hans Wessels Razz Fazz.
The newly painted Frank-n-Liner.
Steve Nash, Sam Whittingham, Rob, Bryan Ball, and Mike Sova discuss the coming event.
Streamliners in the shade.
The Berls Varna with the top off. White is cool, the black M5 was very very hot to the touch.
Dave's Varna 2 and Sorcerer.
The Varna 2 that Dave and Becky worked on.
What on earth is Nissan powering up?
The battleground. Nissan has a very non-descript entrance.

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