Pictures by Mike Mowett - still needs to be in right order...
A very red wheelset on Orion next to a red top on the Diablo. Should we morph them together?
Georgiev stands over his lastest creation - the still unridden Varna Diablo-camera bike.
Dave Balfour says: That's the spot Mike. Dave tells me where Rob finished the UK record.
A Dust Devil blasts the parking lot
Ah everyone look this way, no that way, no over here.
An Easter Sunday early morning launch for Varna II. Larry Lem shades the aborted run.
Another from the stable of the Varna collection - top secret.
imagessun/CG_Sun Are they expanding in th heat_sm.JPG 
Casa Grande resident Ron Johnson drives the Varna II chase vehicle. 
Celebrate good times well come on!
Damjan takes an ice shower and stuffs ice in his shirt before the run.
Dust devils everywhere during Ellen and Rob's runs on Sunday afternoon.
Ellen carries some packing materials.
Ellen good side view as she gets hydrated before her run.
Ellen ready to race, two thumbs up, three people looking the other way.
Eric Ware rides Sams chase. Ok, I cut off his balding head...
Everyone readies Fred to launch.
Jason Erickson works hard on his recent acquired Varnator.
Fred Markham after attempt talks with Georgiev: George, we need another idler.
George admits - you know I am not crazy enough to ride these - his own babies!
George relaxes - a long week complete, a sort of Varna family reunion.
Hans tries his best to hide while holding the White Hawk, but he's almost 2 meters tall.
Hans Wessels has been a huge help in filling in marks on my one hour list.
I think there could be one pro photographer in there somewhere.
International talk.
Jason Erickson is still working. He drove in from Reno. Sometimes your career gets in way of being ready.
Kilometers not mph on Speedometer in Sams chase truck.
Ron Johnson and his wife Lori were always helpful to the teams 
Local weather conditions shown inside the shed.
Lots of horsepower in the back, sleek and slender in front.
Mark Meuller heard this is really a Lemans start and gets an early start on the competition.
Meanwhile Jakob the kid wonder packs up his upright.
iMike Mowett points to where he wants to be on his list of Best One Hours Ever. 
Mike twice supported the Varna II in the back of pickup after aborted runs - quite a nice way to spend Easter.
Official World Record measurements. Eric Ware on the wheel while Steve Nash sights.
Rainer Massen says Schwalbe is very close nearby to them in Germany hence a sponsor.
Raymond Gage, his wife and son. His daughter is somewhere else.
Rob Englishs Bike Friday water bottle - tossed to side before his run. Should we test it? 
iRob focuses before successful run - Fred and Sam adopt a similar position. 
Rob refreshes after setting new UK record going 50 mph plus. New World Record holder Sam cheered him enthusiastically on every lap.
Rob was in lane 3 almost whole way on turns 3 and 4 meaning he rode further than the official measurement.
Rob went even higher than this on banking when he was pushed by the wind.
Robs speed during Chase
Rose Hulman ready to go again.
Steve Delaire wants to give Georgiev some tips.
Steve Nash drives Sam's chase.
Tale of the Board Day 3.
Tanya makes sure dad is straight on restart - true champions never die and they don't have to retire.
The Francisco Grande rises like a resort along the road. There's nothing before or after it for miles.
The Moment of Truth - Fred ready to launch just ahead of Sam. 
The tube sock filled with chalk made by the Krauses marks Sam's world record.
The view over the bridge makes the straight look deceptively short.
The WhiteHawk mold doubles as its travel case - Try explaining what this is at the airport, a bike, artwork, a submarine...
Three of Four Varnas loaded.
Tired new record holders hang out with some of the people who made it possible.
Two great minds who start with the letter G - Georgiev and Gabe talk.
Varna II team,  the bike a few scratches worse for wear.
We saw one pict of streamliners coming in Garrie's van, here's one of them going - the whole FNL crew.
Guy on left writes: With all this room out here do they really have to get that close to the bike?
Sunday Pictures by Al Krause
Steve Delaire launches Sunday morning
Becky and Dave - Mr. and Mrs. Balfour
Jason Erickson
Easy Racers prepair for the hour
Freddy before the hour attempt.
Steve Nash Hans and Sam before the duel.
Sam in the Diablo III - Tight fit??? 
Launching Freddy for the hour run.
Freddy in agony after his chain derailed during final laps of the hour run.
Sam was drained after the hour.
Sam jumps right out of the bike , stands for a few seconds then changes his mind quickly.
Tom Nowak figures final distance
Nissan's Mike Bourne and Sam.
Sam and Fred 
Group Picture
Most of the bikes
Bug splatter on Varna
Rose Hulman
Hans, Ellen, Jakob
Orion trike. Sean rode it one lap on Saturday. Sean and Raymond both cursed the camera viewing system.
Holding down the timing tent in the extreme winds during he afternoon runs.
Sam and Rob after Rob's hour
Varna builder Georgi Georgiev 
Rob shows us how he held on through the winds
Happy Rob