Nissan Challenge Saturday Pictures
Nissan Challenge Saturday Pictures
Saturday Race Report
Saturday morning view  from the Francisco Grande Tower.

Pictures by Mike Mowett

Winding staircase in the morning with mountains in the background.
Saturday riders meeting L to R, Alice Krause, Al Krause, and Chris Broome.
Dennis Grelk at the riders meeting.
Saturday morning the riders gathered for a meeting to discuss the upcoming day's events.
An Arizona Republic reporter interviews the Markhams.
Dennis modifies the camera in the Coslinger.
Dennis Grelk with the Coslinger and a nice sideshot of the drivetrain mods.
The Coslinger Front viewing Camera
The Coslinger with the new Greenspeed idler that was mounted overnight.
A secret racing tip: Damjan stays hot with fleece after run. 
Damjan: Ah maybe this fleece is not a good idea. 
Dave Balfour in TriSled - Alice Krause and Mrs & Mr Grelk help him with the lid.
Frank in liner rolls to stop.
Frank is very thirsty after his hour run.
Frank says: Ah that was fun 39 miles in one hour.
Frank is larger than life after 39 miles 
Frank-n-liner designer and builder Rick Wianecki is overjoyed that his streamliner completed the hour run, shortly after a year since he start working on it.
Bryan Ball with his new Casco helmet - it fits!
Fred, Gabe, and Tanya launch Brian in his Varna Orpheus.
White Hawk, looking very clean and smooth. 
Hans Wessels warms up on his Razz fazz. Hans says: I need a catcher please. ...just kidding 
Hans is ready to go for his 1 hour run.
Hans is ready to get out after his 1 hour run in the White Hawk. Al and Alice are there to help him out.
Hans looks larger than life after his 1 hour run too.
Hans says: Let me tell you something you just have to have fun. 
After his 1 hour run in the White Hawk, Jakob is the new World Junior Record holder.
Team Euro: Jakob, Ellen, Danielle, Jakob's dad Reinier, and Hans. 
Lots of streamers waiting to launch for the 200 meter sprints.
The Markham family relaxes while Tanya is setting the US Women's record. 
Sean models his latest creation, a capillary cooling device he wears on his head.
Nope Bryan didn't gain all this weight, there is a water bladder on his chest.
The Orion speedtrike drivetrain looks very nice.
Raymond Gage and Sean Costin unload the Orion top.
Relaxing between events. L to R - Eric Ware,  Dennis Grelk, and Mrs. & Mr. Grelk.
 "Ok guys this way", says Pooja.
Rose Hullman team  getting ready for their run.
RH ready to launch.
RH tape the other side too.
Molly tapes Danny: We have you in there now!
Sam tells Rob to Go Right and Don't Crash . 
Rob English adjusts the Varna II. It had flat tire during his 200 meter attempt.
Varna II, squeeze the mist lever and I get squirted. 
Dave and Becky work to fix the tire.
Sam goes 62.3 mph during his 200 meter attempt, just short of his current low altitude record.
Sam and Georgiev adjust the camera on the Varna camera trike. 
Sam thinks: Hmm, maybe if I look out the side.  Wow, what a fork twist mechanism.
Sean adjusting the Orion trike's camera. 
A big ice bucket fits in the Orion nose to feed the cooling system.
Sean straps on his cooling hat during a test ride on the Orion chassis.
Sean says: Uh-oh. What is Alan Arial going to do with this picture? 
Dad (Fred Markham) is proud of Tanya's time.
Women and Mens US record holders. A nice daughter - father bonding moment.
Tanya's younger sister tells Freddy: So dad am I going to be next record breaker. Tanya gets congrats from Denton. 
Steve Delaire with his Mach 5.
Streamliners parked in the air conditioning at the track for the night. 
Saturday Race report by Mike Mowett
The anticipation is building for Sunday. With most teams finally ready to go after long hours of testing and modifications, this could be a big day. Al and Alice and Chris Broome had all the riders select their desired start times for Sunday at the rider meeting Sat night. Sam and Fred will be on the track at the same time. The Nissan folks were kind enough to let many streamliners spend the time at the track in a spacious air conditioned shed/workspace which also has a lounge and bathrooms. There was only five successful runs today all wrapped up by the afternoon. After that, there were a few unsuccessful attempts.

Damjan moved up to third in the world and fell short of Sam's 2004 World Record of 52.33 miles with a 52.304 mile run - that's about 42 meters or 137 feet only. Still he is the new European record holder. He has been looking strong all week. Jakob Massen in White Hawk set a new World Junior Record of 43.265 miles. He is 17 and on the National Junior team in Germany. Tanya Markham in Varna Mephisto II set a new US Ladies Record of 36.34 miles. So the storybook daughter-father US ladies/mens record holders happened. Frank Geyer in Frank-n-Liner went 39.48 miles for a State of Michigan record. Hans Wessels in the WhiteHawk did his 2nd best ever with a 47.02 mile run, but well below his 50.7 mile mark he rode last year in Germany.

Rob English had a flat tire after he started his 200 meter run. Several people including Dave Balfour, after finishing his own sprint, ran several hundred feet behind him to try and catch him, but couldn't reach him in time. He rolled into the spectator area shouting for help "catch me, catch me", but still had to dump it. The final tally for the 200 meter sprints was Sam going 62.3 mph, just short of his 62.51 mph low altitude world record. Soon after people stopped racing them, and it was voted to not make any more 200 meter attempts on Sunday at the rider's meeting.

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