2007 Nissan Challenge Friday Pictures
2007 Nissan Challenge Friday Pictures
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Hans Wessels having a head slapping moment, no it's sunblock time, Daniella...  

Pictures by Al and Alice Krause

Dennis Grelk in the Coslinger III.
Dave Balfour tapes Rob English into the Varna II 
Rob is owner of the UK one hour record, now he's going for the world record. 
No records today though.
17 year old Jakob Maesen prepares for a run in the White Hawk. 
Hans Wessels hold the canopy, while Hans van Vugt holds the bike.
It's a tight squeeze. 
That hose directs air from the hole in the nose to the riders face.
White Hawk, ready to roll 
Ellen Van Vugt prepares for a run in her Varna.
Dennis Grelk in the Barracuda streamliner
The Rose Hulman team:  L to R:  Tommy Roberts, Jeff van Trueren, Zach Goff (in truck), Mike Weick (standing), Chris Wleizen, Pooja Saxena, Nathan Wendt, Molly Nelis (rider), Danny Sing (rider).  Not pictured: advisor Dr. Clark Merkel.
Mike Mowett's Pictures
Bryan Ball adjusts his shoe
Bryan and Fred Markham laughing while awaiting Rob English's outcome (run was aborted).
Coyote and Dean Pederson (sitting), Justin Mace standing.
Damjan Zabovnik prepares for a test run in the Eivie 2 : give me that...
Eivie awaits practice.
Eivie launch dolly, attached by hammer.
Eivie launch dolly and rope.
Eivie away. 
Damjan just flying at 55 mph in practice. 
Eivie after run in shade
Ellen and Hans van Vugt work on the Varna
Inside Ellen's Varna, which was built by Steve Nash.
Rick Wianecke holds Frank, who is inside the Frank-n-liner for his first run in it. 
Frank needs a little more tape.
Frank after 1st lap run, not happiest but ok.
Frank after 1st lap. Too hot!
Frank drills air holes, while Rick watches.
Frank on turn about 40 mph
Rick beaming while we follow Frank in Garrie's van.
Off turn 3, Frank is at 40 mph 
There was a howling wind dust storm about 2 pm for ten minutes. Hold down the tent!
Larry Lem awaits start 
Steve Delaire's Mach 5 waits in shade 
Mark Mueller's windwrap extraordinaire.
Molly, one of the Rose Hulman riders relaxes. 
The Rose Hulman should get the award for the most dedicated team. They look to be having fun. Nine members plus their advisor flew out. Their fairing was sent by UPS freight. they picked it up Friday afternoon and drove it out to the track to unpack, then started waxing it. It is very light. They started to use Rick W's method of moldless plug construction using foam, then they deviated from it with their own methods.. They spent some good time parked next to the Frank-n-Liner team learning and sharing additional ideas.
Rose Hulman team unpacks their streamliner, which was sent via UPS.
Rick and Frank adjust the F-n-L.
Rose Hulman rider Danny Sing.
The Rose Hulman team of red swarms the bike 
Rose Hulman waxing the fairing, it looks good. 
Inside the White Hawk.
Tanya for the first time in Mephisto -  wobbly then very smooth. 
The Timing tent
Tom Nowak performing the timing duties
There was a tour of the test track engineers. They were very interested.
Ellen's Varna bike
Why are there traffic lights on the course?
The Nissan track back straight, with bridge.
The Bridge over the course.
Late Friday night Al, Alice, Larry Lem and I (Mike Mowett) found the Rose Hulman team out in the hotel courtyard with a lamp from their girls room outside working on the bike.

(L to R) Jeff van Trueren, Chris Wleizen, Danny Sing

They said they had burned up three bulbs already in trying to get enough heat to have their epoxy cure on flanges they glues in for their windscreen.
They sawed a threaded rod by hand - three guys worked maybe 10 minutes on it cutting through it, Then they used a dremel to opening up a slot in the rear wheel cover.

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