Human Powered One Hour Challenge - Nissan 2007
The Event
The HPVA once again hosts the 2007 HPVA Human Powered One Hour Challenge. This event was run on the 5.556 mile banked oval test track at Nissan Casa Grande, Arizona facility.  At this event in 2006, Fast Freddy Markham won the Dempsey MacCready prize, traveling over 53 miles in one hour.

This year the event returned to the Nissan 5.556 mile test track. Three full days of racing provided time for 1 hour record attempts and low altitude 200 meter record attempts. All attempts were recorded by HPVA electronic timing equipment, record attempts were verified and sanctioned by the HPVA.

The Results
Thursday Pictures
Friday Pictures
Saturday Pictures
Sunday Pictures

Date Rider Vehicle Miles Status
4/7/2007 Damjan Zabovnik Eivie 2 52.304 Euro Record
4/7/2007 Jakob Maesen (age 17) White Hawk 43.265 World Jr Record
4/7/2007 Tanya Markham (age 21) Varna Mephisto II 36.298 US Women's Record
4/7/2007 Frank Geyer Frank-n-liner 39.483 Personal best
4/7/2007 Hans Wessels White Hawk 47.020  
4/8/07 Dennis Grelk Coslinger 39.841 Personal Best
4/8/07 Dean Pederson Coyote 34.307  
4/8/07 Hans Wessels White Hawk 47.483  
4/8/07 Sam Whittingham Varna Diablo III 53.917 World Record
4/8/07 Rob English Varna II 50.105 UK Record
4/8/07 Ellen van Vugt Varna 36.551  

Note: Windy conditions and mechanical issues prevented many of the competitors from completing the complete 1 hour run.

Videos by Mike Mowett - Rob - Sam - Fred - Tanya - Frank - Damjan - Hans
Rob English's blog of the event
Damjan's site with race pictures

See the message board racing forum for the latest information

The Track

Notes from the Race Director:
I will need someone to step up and do the tech inspections. We will need to have official observers in each chase vehicle, we will need to work out a schedule for that. Teams may have the responsibility to provide their own chase vehicles, I
hope to get this covered but prepare yourself, gas too. Again more details about the chase vehicles as they develop.

Teams and officials should bring everything they will need, shade tent, ice , water (mandatory!) food, chairs. There may be a lunch truck but this is not firmed up either. There is very little shade out there.

If you have to leave the track it's about 10 minutes to the nearest quickie mart in Stanfield, from the track its 25 minutes to the hotel and about 10 more into Casa Grande.

Contact the Race director Al Krause

The Racers Thanks to Larry Lem for initially compiling this list

Rider, vehicle
Bryan Ball, Varna Orpheus
Rob English, Varna 2
Dave Balfour,
Sorcerer trike
Steve Delaire, Mach 5
Craig Delaire, Mach 5
Frank Geyer, Frank-n-Liner
Ellen van Vugt, Berls Varna clone
Hans Wessels, M5 #8

Danielle van de Waard
M5 #8
Jakob Maesen, White Hawk (junior)
Sam Whittingham, Diablo3
Dennis Grelk, Coslinger Special
Dean Pederson, Coyote
Rose-Hulman, mens
Rose-Hulman, womens
Fred Markham, Mephisto
Tanya Markham, Mephisto
Damjan Zabovnik, Eivie 2
Sean Costin, Orion trike
Jason Erickson - three legged monkey

The Rules
IHPVA competition rules apply ( 15 meter start rule too ). Go fast, no crashing!

The Schedule

Note: No one can enter the site before 7:00am. All participants and non-Nissan visitors will need to sign a release form upon first entry to proving ground. Each person will be issued a visitors badge. A route to the event area will be clearly identified with road cones/markers/signs. Participants/visitors can come/go freely throughout each day. Gate will be closed at 6:00pm. All participants/visitors must depart by 6:00pm.

7:00am - 8:00am track tour and pre ride shake down tests.
1 hour attempts as conditions permit. 8:00 first bike runs as soon as timing is set up and the rider ready. Record contenders get a chase vehicle and the track to themselves, personal best-ers up to 3 at a time.

7:00 - 12:00 Morning 1 hour attempts
12:00 - 3:00 200 meter sprints
3:30 - 6:00 Afternoon-Evening 1 hour attempts

7:00am till 6:00 pm ( or until we are exhausted )
1 hour attempts

The plan is to have awards banquet at the Francisco Grande a 8:00 pm

We are talking about awards banquet at the Francisco Grande afterwards, more details about this as they develop.
Our prize pool has been started off once again by Paul MacCready. Paul has generously donated $ 10,000 which we plan to use as prizes. I am seeking more but nothing else is finalized.

The Fees
$150 per team
Current HPVA membership required ($32.00 or $37.00) and ABR membership for the
insurance ($25.00), all can be taken care of at the event. Anybody who paid their ABR last July is still covered.

The Directions
Go south, turn right.

The Lodging
The event hotel is the
Francisco Grande Get your room now!
800-237-4238 or 520-836-6444 Say you are with the HPVA (you might have to say the whole name)  We have been given a group discount at the Francisco Grande again this year, it's closest to the track.

The motel has 2 buildings. One is called the Courtyard and it has rooms at ground level. The rooms are smaller, but better for teams with vehicles since they can be taken in the rooms or parked right outside your window. The other building is the Tower. There are no ground floor rooms. There is an outside staircase and elevators inside. The staff didn't like anyone taking bikes in the elevator (most won't fit!) For teams with trailers these rooms are fine.

We have 30 rooms reserved. Deadline for reservations is March 5.

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