2005 Morris HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures
2005 Morris HPRA racing pictures
Race held Saturday, May 21, 2005 at the Grundy County Speedway, Morris, Illinois 
Pictures by Dave Balfour and Garrie Hill unless otherwise noted. Comments by Warren. 
Race Results here
The Coslinger special awaits the race on it's own three legs. Sean added a cool new landing gear, finishing at 3:00am the night before the race, and it worked nicely.

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Bikes from the The TrikeTrails contingent. Anna Lee and Jack came all the way from Toronto Canada for the races. Pictured are two speedmachines, and Jack's new fully suspended SWB prototype.
Race director Steve Spencer poses with Iowa resident and first time HPRA racer Dennis Grelk. Dennis, who is very fast on a upright bike, rode this gold Jester for the first time in these races, and had a very respectable finish.

In the background, Dave Balfour points out the location of the nearest McDonalds to Rick. Don't we know he needs a couple big macs every day 
for a month. :-)

Tyger Johnson prepares his Lightning F-40 for battle. 

HPV rule no. 17.5: Duct tape always makes it faster.

69 year old Phil Heiberger from South Dakota prepares his CatTrike Speed. Phil averaged over 21MPH for the hour race! On a trike!
Paul Pancella watches a somebody out on the track, while Michigan HPV Association reporter  Mike Eliasohn gets ready to take a picture.
Ralph Koser checks out Warren Beauchamp's new 24  lb carbon fiber Velokraft NoCom road rocket. Warren points out the shiny bits.
Garrie Hill talks to speed demon Rick Gritters before the races. 

"Wataya mean I have to race with one leg tied behind my back?"

In the foreground is the chassis from Rich Myers' Mini Moby streamliner. Rich has been working on refurbishing the chassis and streamliner body, which was originally built by the Infinity racing team in the late 1980s. He has added a landing gear, and hopes to have the body ready for the Northbrook races. In the background is Rich's tailfaired Optima Baron.
HPRA co-dictator Garrie Hill performs tech inspection duty on Sam Whittingham. Sam wonders where the heck he left his second mirror.

Sam raced Kathy Eagen's "True Grit" lowracer, built by Rick Gritters.
Racers sign up for the day's events. Teresa Cheatham and her sister performed the sign up duties.
Steve Spencer, Teresa's sister, and Teresa get the racers organized by class for the 1 lap TTs. 
Sam Whittingham checks out the fit on the tiny True Grit lowracer.  
Rick Gritters helps Warren Beauchamp iron out the bugs in his Barracuda streamliner before the 1 lap TT. 
Dave Balfour shows his new FWD carbon fiber splitter pate bike to Dennis Grelk, while Mike takes notes.  

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

Dave Balfour at speed during his 1 lap TT. 

Most racers had 1 lap to get up to speed, and then were timed for the next lap on this 1/3 mile track.

Steve Spencer runs the 1K TT on the "fastest BikeE in the world". It was modified to use a 26" rear wheel by relocating the rear stays and building some custom parts to mount the brakes and stuff.
Junior class racer Charlie Ollinger cranks it up for the 1lap TT, on an M5 lowracer.

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

Gary Toy Sprints hard on his Cobra FWD Dual 20" splitter plate carbon fiber lowracer.
Warren Beauchamp eeks out his last bit of power during the 1 lap TT, on his VeloKraft NoCom.

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

Dan Glatch readies himself for the 1 lap TT.  Rich Meyers provides some welcome shade. It gets hot in those 'liners fast if you aren't moving.
Faired class racers line up along the outside wall awaiting their turn at the 1 lap TT.
Sam Whittingham comes out of the corner at high speed during the 1 lap TT. Sam said he could feel the front tire slipping in the corners at high speeds, because of the expansion cracks.
Rick Gritters climbs into his cloth bodied streamliner. His wife Brenda gets ready to seal him in. Rick won the 1 lap TT in streamliner class at 37.64 MPH.

Rick said he had no problems with the cracks and that he could drive the bike anywhere on the track he wanted. Some suspension really helps the 'liners in these races. 

Dan Glatch, in the aluminum chassis, fiberglass and coroplast bodied Jung Piranha.
Kevin Berls tweaked his canopy system for this year. This shows how he gets in and launches.
Kevin runs the 1 lap TT. Kevin's FWD monocoque carbon fiber GeeBee Varna clone is now dialed in. 
Doc Pearson runs the 1 lap TT in his Infinity Banshee coroplast bodied racer. Doc won the streamliner points series last year, so he gets to wear the number "1" on his bike.
Thom Ollinger debuts the latest in his series of ever more aero coroplast bodied 'liners. That's a fiberglass nose up front. The addition of a very nice landing gear allowed Thom to run in the SuperStreet class.
Warren Beauchamp makes his way around the track during the 1 lap TT. Warren was very slow this day due to a rubbing tire.  
Sam Whittingham runs the 1 lap TT. 
Earl Russell cruises around the track a high speed on his Socked Easy Racers Ti-Rush.
Tyger Johnson races his Lightning F-40 during the 1 lap TT. 
Rick Gritters puts down a hot lap to win the 1 lap TT in stock class at 36.42 MPH. Rick is racing his dual 20" ultra lowracer.
Jeff and Jane Hunn race their Thom Ollinger built Nirvana tandem lowracer during the 1 lap TT.
Sean Costin races the Coslinger II during the 1 lap TT.

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

Ralph Koser lays down a hot lap in his FWD dual 20" micro streamliner.
Sean Costin gives the Coslinger a couple last minute tweaks.

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

  Kathy Eagen tries out the Varna streamliner. Hey Dave, she fits and she looks fast! 
Rich Meyers checks out the Varna. 

Hey I'll bet I could fit in there..."

Rich Meyers simulates the ideal handlebar location. Sure looks like he fits.
Rich Meyers fits in the Varna. He may race at Battle mountain in this bike.
Dave Balfour tries the Varna for fit. Hmm. A little snug. It's nothing a large shoehorn won't cure...
Jay Heiberger tries the Varna on for size. It's going to take more than a shoehorn to get Jester Jay in there...
Unfaired class racers line up for the 30 minute race. 

Picture by Teresa Spencer

All the ultra low racers line up in front. 

...Except for Paul Pancella on his Volae.

Wendy Toy looks ready to race. She's riding a custom built Ray Brick lowracer. 

Picture by Teresa Spencer

Picture by Mike Eliasohn

AA and Gary Toy battle it out.

Dennis Grelk leads a paceline with Jeff Hunn, Barb Prendergast, and Wendy Toy drafting.
Rick and Sam vie for first place. 
Kathy Eagen races a Catrike Speed, followed by Jane Hunn racing her EarthCycles Sunset.
  Unfaired racers cruise by the start/finish line.
The lead pack blasts through turn one. Rick, Sam and Gary pacelined through the whole race to turn in an average speed of almost 29MPH. 
Faired class racers line up for the 1 hour race. Those suspiciously stock looking vehicles are racing in "SuperStock" class.
LaVerne Spencer hand launches Sam Whittingham.

The Varna has no landing gear and must be launched and caught by hand.

Picture by Teresa Spencer

And they're off!
Mike Mowett averaged over 25MPH in/on his body socked upright.

Thom Ollinger passes him on the outside...

Doc, Tony, Ralph, Dave, and Sean form a gaggle of racing HPVers 
Sam had a blowout and crash during the 1 hour race in the Varna streamliner, and finished the race sans top. 
Sean had a problem and made a nice stop with his new landing gear, before continuing the race without the top.  
It was a nice wide track. Kevin passes on the outside, Sam passes in the middle lane, and Phil Heiberger on the trike, averaged over 21MPH.
Ralph Koser in his micro-liner passes Rich Meyer on his faired Baron.
Race over! 

A hot and tired Rick Gritters emerges victorious after the 1 hour race. Rick averaged over 33 MPH for the hour race. 


Picture by Teresa Spencer

Sam tries out Warren's NoCom. Maybe with some blocks on the pedals...
SuperStreet podium - Tyger Johnon won the event, and Ralph Koser (Left) came in third. Due to a mixup where Thom Ollinger was thought to be in Streamliner class, Mike Mowett (Right) gets a trophy too. Thom really got 2nd in SuperStreet.
Stock class podium. 1st place, Rick Gritters, 2nd Place AA, 3rd place, Gary Toy. 
Streamliner podium. 1st place, Rick Gritters, 2nd place Kevin Berls, 3rd place. Well, that's Thom there, but it should have been Dan Glatch.
SuperStock podium. 1st place Gary Toy, 2nd Place, AA. Thrird place was Jay Heiberger, but left before the awards ceremony.  
Tandem Podium. Jeff and Jane Hunn win! 
Junior Podium. A larger than life Charlie Ollinger takes home the trophy and the cash. Charlie is VERY fast this year.
How many HPVers does it take to fix a streamliner? 

...Four plus one to take the picture. 

Racers help Warren fix his streamliner to get it ready for the last man out race, which was to be held during the sprint car racing intermission in front of hundreds of actual spectators. Unfortunately, the race never happened due to lack of participation.

Picture by Jane Hunn

Picture by Teresa Spencer

A fine day of racing comes to an end. 

Left to Right, Race director/organizer Steve Spencer, racer dude Sam Whittingham, and race organizer LaVerne Spencer.

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