2002 IHPVA World Human Powered Vehicle Championships Pictures - recumbent bike and HPB racing

2002 IHPVA World HPV Championships Pictures
Held August 5th through 10th in Brantford, Ontario

This year's championships garnered 40 or 50 racers, and was held at a number of interesting sites in the Brantford area. Carol and George Leone organized the event, and had lots of help from Joe Metrovic and a host of other volunteers. You can click on most of these pictures for a larger image. These are just the pictures that I took, I'm sure more will be available as people send them in.

More pictures are available at: Richard Briggs web site and the HPVA site
2002 World HPV Racing Championships results

ihpva_champs_2002_hour-regrodero-sm.jpg (11952 bytes) Reg Rodero stands by his fully faired velomobile. This rear steer steel framed trike features turn signals, lights, and a bunch of vents. Reg raced this bike at the Toronto Motor Sports track near Brantford.
Cary Chen of Toronto gets interviewed by a local repoter while waiting in line for tech inspection. Cary's long wheelbase Coroplast bodied streamliner features landing gear. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-careychen-sm.jpg (11718 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-carsoncity-sm.jpg (12331 bytes) Three high school students (and their chaperones) from Carson City, Nevada made the long trip to Brantford to race the streamliner they built. They also built a short wheelbase lowracer as a chassis for the fairing. Abe Gissen prepares to get the bike tech inspected. 
70 year young John Tetz cruises into the pit area in his very slick Zote foam bodied practical streamliner. More infomation about this vehicle can be found on the MARS site. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-johntetz-sm.jpg (7798 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-samwhittingham-sm.jpg (12744 bytes) Sam Whittingham sporting red hair for the HPV World Championships, races a carbon tailboxed Optima Baron, which was provided courtesy of Trike Trails.
Thomas Schott awaits tech inspection on his Razz Fazz ultra light carbon fiber lowracer. Thomas and Denis Ahrens came all the way from Germany to defend their world championship titles from last year. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-thomasschott2-sm.jpg (7808 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-start1-sm.jpg (7803 bytes) Sean Costin and Fank Geyer line up for the stock 10 lap race at the Toronto Motorsports track. This track featured a couple straightaways, and a whole bunch of twisties. 
Stock and Superstock (class "C" and "D") racers converse while they wait for the race to start. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-start2-sm.jpg (12070 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-baron-sm.jpg (8610 bytes) Ed Weiss races his Optima Baron during the 10 lap race.
Frank Geyer on a Challenge Jester, Denis Ahrens on a Razz Fazz, and Sean Costin on Monkey Hand jockey for position during the 10 lap race, ihpva_champs_2002_hour-frank-dennis-sean-sm.jpg (7363 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-george-karsten-paul-sm.jpg (7177 bytes) George Reynolds on his lightweight Titanium  "T-Bone" big wheel racer is drafted by Karsten Fabian on a Toxy SWB and Paul Pancella on an M5 lowracer.
George's latest Reynolds Weld Labs racing bike is very light, but compliant.

I tried it out during the long trip to the bathroom, and it handled great.

ihpva_champs_2002_hour-georgerenolds-sm.jpg (8838 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-paulgracy-sm.jpg (9874 bytes) Californian Paul Gracy races his Presto SWB 'bent during the 10 lap race. A couple years ago Paul completed a cross country journey on a fully faired Lightning P-38.
Jim Iwaskow races his nicely finished homebuilt carbon fiber framed Lightning R-84 clone. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-r84clone-sm.jpg (10110 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_hour-thomas-jeff-sm.jpg (7583 bytes) Thomas Schott on his tail boxed Razz Fazz passes Jeff Hunn on his modified Pharobike.
Thomas races with a water bladder strapped on his chest, under his jersey,  and with one arm folded over his chest to provide a little extra aero effect. This combined with his monster tailbox, and monster legs propelled at about a 30MPH average speed for the race, reaching speeds of 36MPH on the straights. ihpva_champs_2002_hour-thomasschott3-sm.jpg (6340 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_short-folding-sm.jpg (12630 bytes) Michael Beresford poses with his very cool 16 inch FWD micro lowracer. This bike folds for transport, and features a huge chainring, single sided front and rear hubs, and a nicely formed aluminum seat.
Here's Abe Gissen with the bike inside the Carson City team's streamliner at the go-cart track for the short race. This bike has geometry very similar to the Ross Festina.

This race was called the short race because all the bikes had to be able to fit under that bridge in the background that had a head clearance under 4ft. 

ihpva_champs_2002_short-carsoncity-sm.jpg (10763 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_short-tom-sm.jpg (8730 bytes) Tom Barone races his tailboxed HP Velotechnik Speedmachine Challenge Hurricane with Garrie Hill wheel disks. Tom rode with a mirrored BMX helmet.

Racers were paired to do a 2 lap drag race on the track.

Ed Weiss leans into one of the sharp Go-Cart track corners on his Optima Baron at speed. ihpva_champs_2002_short-paulpancella-sm.jpg (5081 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_short-felixaudet-sm.jpg (9298 bytes) Felix Audet leans into a corner on his home built Aluminum framed SWB 'bent. Felix did quite well on this track, managing to out corner practically all the competition on this track.
Abe Gissen, a high school student from Carson City Nevada, takes a corner at speed. He did quite well until a crash and chain derailment took him out of competition for the day.

Actually about 5 people crashed during the races on this very tight track, all in the same treacherous decreasing radius corner. The medical staff were kept quite busy bandaging up the road-rash.

ihpva_champs_2002_short-carsoncity2-sm.jpg (9229 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_short-jeffhunn-sm.jpg (8335 bytes) Jeff Hunn eyes the corner before diving in. Jeff did quite well racing, and beat me in the drag races!
Sam Whittingham took on all comers with no fear, after stuffing his sleeves and shorts with cardboard to prevent any potential roadrash... ihpva_champs_2002_short-samwhittingham-sm.jpg (7366 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_drags-janehunn-sm.jpg (8040 bytes) Jane Hunn reaches the end of her run during the Drag Races. They were supposed to be 1/8 mile drag races, but ended up being only 100 meter.
Dennis Ahrens at speed in the drag races ihpva_champs_2002_drags-dennisahrens-sm.jpg (7589 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_drags-rich&john-sm.jpg (7924 bytes) John Tetz barely edges out Rich Sadler during the drag races. Rich and John battled each other during the entire 4 day event in a classic youth versus aerodynamics struggle.
Sam Whittingham drag races Dennis Ahrens. ihpva_champs_2002_drags-sam&dennis-sm.jpg (8001 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_drags-marc-sm.jpg (9456 bytes) Marc Jan Bastion, who came all the way from from the Netherlands, drag races his suspended Challenge Hurricane commuter bike. He nearly beat speedster Frank Geyer in a photo finish drag race, then proceeded to remove a pile of heavy bike locks and chains from his bike bag...
Challenge factory racer Frank Geyer cools down after a run. ihpva_champs_2002_drags-frankgeyer-sm.jpg (7998 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_drags-bobbuerger.jpg (9056 bytes) Bob Buerger races the muffler Missile during the drag races. Bob cranked so hard he bent the frame during the short bike races. Fortunately he was able to borrow the use of a vise, torch, and some metal bits to repair and reinforce the frame in time for the drag races.
Abe Gissen in the Carson City streamliner cruises by during the 200 Meter sprints. The Carson City Nevada high school HPV team built the fairing from molds donated by Cal Poly, which were originally designed and built with help from George Leone.

This nicely paved course course had about a kilometer runup, and then the traps, and then another kilometer for shut down. I could have used another kilo to get up to speed...

ihpva_champs_2002_200m-carsoncity-sm.jpg (6117 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_200m-carsoncitycrash-sm.jpg (8261 bytes) The Carson City streamliner crashes and slides during one of the 200 meter speed runs after hitting some bumps in the road.  Nobody got hurt...
Reg Rodero races his MWB fiberglass faired bike, with fabric stretched between the front and rear fairings. ihpva_champs_2002_200m-regrodero-sm.jpg (7697 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_200m-samwhittingham-sm.jpg (6509 bytes) Sam Whittingham makes a 49MPH pass by the timing traps in one of the older, but still very fast  Varna steamliners.
Niel Hill on his Trice Micro during his 200 Meter sprint. ihpva_champs_2002_200m-trike1-sm.jpg (8513 bytes)
ihpva_champs_2002_200m-carychen-sm.jpg (7472 bytes) Cary Chen takes his Streamliner past the first detector in the 200 meter traps.

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