Larry Lem builds the Scimitar Speedbike
Scimitar Speedbike

Pictures and Text by Larry Lem

Plug Molds Fairing/Frame Canopy Paint WHPSC 2009

October 2008
The Scimitar is based on my lowracer position. This was to be a direct-view bike with a windshield in the nose and a pair of side windows. I copied a sideview picture of myself on my lowracer onto an Excel graph and spent a few weeks drawing the fairing shape around it. 

Nov 2008
To reduce the use of Bondo and to minimize the weight of the plug, I decided to make a hollow plywood structure. I plotted side and top views of the fairing onto plywood. I cut the "top view" piece in two. 
I attached 1.5" angle iron to support the plug and screwed everything together. I added bulkheads in the form of ellipses, but then cut them with flat sides so I could attach plywood more easily. The ellipses were based on a modified rectangle shape with rounded corners. I used Excel to proportion the shape of each bulkhead per the appropriate fairing height and width at each section. 
I "skinned" the bulkheads with plywood.
 I hot-glued some polystyrene foam at the front and rear, and covered the whole thing in 2-part expanding foam.
I hacksawed and sanded the foam until I hit the plywood corners. 
January 2009
As 2-part foam is not very stable (likes to shrink over time), I wrapped the plug in a couple of layers of fiberglass and epoxy. 
I then covered the plug in Bondo and spent 3 months adding Bondo, sanding Bondo, adding Bondo, sanding Bondo… I made a few female templates of plywood based on the Excel plots, but holding them to the plug and trying to exactly match the templates seemed to create more work than necessary. I mainly used the templates to ensure that I was making gross errors. 
March 2009
Satisfied with the main body shape (tired of applying and sanding Bondo), I decided to add the wheel fairing to the bottom. I bolted the plywood outline to the angle iron. 
April 2009
I built up the wheel fairing volume with more plywood and PVC pipe,
Then covered that in Bondo and shaped through the month of May 
I painted the plug with Interlux Epoxy Primecoat and basked in the beauty of the plug for at least a week 
May 2009
Plug top view 
Plug bottom view 
Plug front view 
Plug rear view 
For a nose windshield, I drew an outline on the plug, made a female mold of the nose, then a fiberglass part from the female mold and sent it to Carl Mueller at Windwrap Fairings.  
June 2009
Carl found an existing windshield model that contained a section that was very similar to the part I sent. Carl sent me the windshield and I was surprised at how well it matched. 
I spent another month modifying the plug nose to match Carl's windshield and took the opportunity to sand and fill some spots on the fairing. The plan was for Carl to make several more nose windshields. 
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