Goliath Concept
Goliath Tandem Speedbike

A project by Larry Lem

Concept Frame Bottom Fairing Top Fairing Cart-n-Rack Tail Battle Mountain

After racing in the 2007 World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain with my first streamliner, Beluga, I felt that both Tom Amick and I had realized the max speed potential of that bike without resorting to a stronger rider. With more favorable conditions, Tom or I might hit 60 mph, and a super-strong rider might reach 70 mph, but it was never intended to be a record-breaking, 80 mph vehicle. In 2008, I was very busy with my job and didn't have time to build a new, faster streamliner from scratch.

A few years earlier, I had built "Goliath", a bare-frame, back-to-back tandem recumbent bike shown here at the San Diego, CA velodrome in Balboa Park. I decided to use the Beluga fairing molds and build a tandem streamliner for 2008. The new bike would be "Goliath 2".

May 05, 2008 - Goliath. Photo by Bill Volk 
 Beluga at the 2007 WHPSC
Tandem streamliner concept: back-to-back Belugas with outlines of new fairing sections 
I stripped the original Goliath of its wheels, derailleurs, middrives, shifters, etc. It had been hanging from the rafters in my garage for 2 years. 


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