Forrest's BMX - Recumbent conversion project
 Forrest's BMX-Recumbent conversion bike project
7/2/2000 - A project by Forrest Ohnesorge

Forrest has built a very nice 20X20 SWBASS recumbent using a kids BMX bike as the basis. Here are his pictures and words describing the project :

You'll probably notice this is pretty low-tech stuff. Counting the new alloy front wheel ($25 from LBS) I'm still under $100 into this bike and it rides pretty good. The wheelbase (35") and front end geometry is pretty much as it was when the bike was a BMX wedgie. The boom is 2-1/8" .025" wall automotive exhaust pipe as is the split slider on which the bottom bracket is brazed.

Fo_hb2020_frame_1.jpg (4654 bytes)
fo_hb2020_bb_1.JPG (7453 bytes) I would like to someday put a 40/52/66 triple up front to bring the gearing up to snuff. Currently it's 40/52X14/34--pretty good for getting up the hills but way short on the top end.
I am proud of my home made flip-it riser made from a sawed off alloy stem and a section of Huffy tubing connected with a grade-8 3/8" bolt for a clutch. The position of the bars can be changed on the fly for maximum comfort and this feature facilitates loading the bike into the back of a
minivan (note picture of riser shoved back onto the seat bottom).
FO_HB2020_RISER.JPG (8057 bytes)
fo_hb2020_1.JPG (8708 bytes) The chain tubes are 1/2" plastic water pipe and provide chain control and pantleg protection. The idler at the head tube is an old derailleur wheel. The seatback is made from 1/2" conduit and is covered with vinyl coated outdoor furniture mesh with metal grommets and stretched tight with 12' of 1/4" bungee cord. I used 3/4" aluminum tubing to support the seatback and drilled a few holes at the bottom and use clevis pin clips through the tubing at the bottom end for adjustment/removal. The seat bottom is made from a piece of 1/2" plywood with some dense packing foam for shape and covered with layers of carpet padding and naugahide. Rubber bands cut from old bike inner tubes keep all the cables and wires tied down.
I hope you find some useful ideas here. FO_ON_HB2020_1.JPG (9016 bytes)

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