Hydrobowl99 human powered boat race pictures
Hydrobowl99 Pictures

Thanks to Ernie Schmutz for taking these pictures of the 1999 Hydrobowl HPB races
Hydrobowl99 Results

Bill Murphy and Warren Beauchamp setting up the buoys early in the morning. Anybody want to develop a human powered prop drive for this barge? hb_course2.JPG (7452 bytes)
hb_bill1.JPG (7493 bytes) Here's Bill Murphy coming in to shore after running a race. His new compact drive uses a twisted chain directly driven from the crank arm, to power a 16x16 model airplane prop directly below the pedals. Very quiet and smooth.
Here's Bill running the slalom course. hb_bill2.JPG (5872 bytes)
hb_bill3.JPG (5643 bytes) Bill Murphy and Len Brunkalla getting their feet wet.
Race organizer Bob Buerger doing paperwork. hb_bob1.JPG (7202 bytes)
hb_ld1.JPG (8475 bytes) Here's Len Brunkalla's daughter, Jami, on my "Hammerhead" HPB (which is for sale). Len and Bill did some pre-race modifications to adjust the boat to her short stature.

Here's Jami rounding a buoy.

hb_ld5.JPG (8594 bytes)
hb_ld6.JPG (7984 bytes) Jami again...
Here's Jami beating me in a race... Actually I'm just guiding her through the slalom course. hb_ld8.JPG (6816 bytes)
hb_misc1.JPG (11316 bytes)
hb_monster1.JPG (10015 bytes) Here's Jake Free's 4 man juggernaut

Juggernaut on wheels

hb_monster2.JPG (10324 bytes)
hb_paul1.JPG (8736 bytes) Here's Paul Neiderman celebrating after his fast 100 meter sprint

Paul is giving it all he's got for this run...

hb_paul2.JPG (6763 bytes)
hb_paul3.JPG (6458 bytes) Here's Paul again, cranking at high speed.

Here's Ron Drynan, on his modified 14 foot Hobie cat.

hb_ron1.JPG (8853 bytes)
hb_ron2.JPG (8223 bytes) Here's Ron again, looking quite comfortable as he cruises along.

Ron again, side view

hb_ron3.JPG (7118 bytes)
hb_warren1.JPG (7849 bytes) Warren Beauchamp (me), cranking away on my sideways catamaran.
Which way is he going? The direction I'm looking I hope... The good news was, It didn't break at all this year. The bad news was, I didn't go any faster than last year... hb_warren3.JPG (6995 bytes)
hb_warren5.JPG (5117 bytes) Here I am on the slalom course.

Here's Jake Free trying out Ron's boat

hb_jake2.JPG (7548 bytes)
hb_jake3.JPG (7492 bytes) Jake Free again

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