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MARS rides
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PLEASE read this entire page to see how this works.

MARS rides - updated 4/11/06


No rides have been proposed as of this date.

IMPORTANT CURRENT RIDE INFO: The webmeisters have lives outside the club and may not have updated the website recently, so DO NOT count on this page as the absolute last word on the next planned ride.

Want to go on a recumbent ride? Great idea! Why not set one up? To make a ride happen, JUST POST IT ON THE MAILING LIST! Read the rest of this page for more info.

Ride resources
MARS ride routes -- An archive of most of the routes we use...lots of great info here: a must-see! This is where you get cue sheets and directions.
Ride waiver form -- If you're leading a ride, please download this, bring a copy to the ride and have everyone sign it before the ride starts.
Future rides -- Links to upcoming organized rides that might be of interest
Past rides -- Links to ride reports and photos from the past
Lead-Drop-Follow -- Our preferred method for keeping big rides together

How rides work
Policies/guidelines -- How we try to run our rides. Everybody read this at least once!

We have no fixed schedule of rides or ride leaders... we're just not that formal. Rides happen by consensus and are always worked out on the mailing list in the days leading up to the ride. The webmaster tries to track the list activity and post details to this website for your convenience, but the mailing list is the place to go for latest information.

There is no boss here! We don't have "paced" rides; we try to accommodate anyone who shows up, but ultimately each rider is responsible for him or herself. Also, we're not limited to established routes. We respectfully ask that all MARS rides be run according to our policies and guidelines, which are set up to accommodate all riders in a relaxed, friendly manner. How a ride is actually run and its pace, however, is up to the ride leader. Nobody is bound by our guidelines. Anyone who wants to run their own ride at their own pace is more than welcome to come forward and make it happen. If you want to lead a ride that doesn't follow the policies with regard to speed or keeping the group together, take charge and do it.

Participation is what keeps the club going. Show up and ride, or the club will wither and die!

The disclaimer thing:
All riders participate in MARS rides at their own risk. Suing the club (or any of its members) wouldn't do you much good anyway... we don't have enough money to make it worth the trouble. Use common sense and take responsibility for your own actions. Participants in MARS rides will be asked to sign a simple liability waiver sheet before the ride.