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MARS photos

To view our photo albums, click HERE.
It's a link that takes you straight to our hosting page.

Please read the following:
There are no photos on the MARS Photo page itself. Mlost of them are hosted at
Why is that, you ask?

Simple. Because we want to give the keys to the inmates, as it were. Paid-up club members are encouraged to take pictures and upload them to the ClubPhoto site. This eliminates work for the Webmaster, keeps this site small (and therefore fast) and ensures that member photos get posted when they want them to.

To upload photos, create new albums, and so forth
1) Go to
2) Log in using MARSphotos as the username, and enter the current password*.
3) Create a new album for your photos. Please don't upload into somebody else's album.

*The password will be changed from time to time... generally if someone abuses it. Andy Douglas will email the current password to anyone who asks for it, as long as they're on the MARS roster. Drop him a line at if you want it. At some point we may only send it to people who have actually paid their dues, but that's not a problem we have right now, thankfully.

Posting guidelines
We'd really like to keep this simple and low-key, but there's the inevitable need to ask those posting photos to use common sense.

1) This resource is there for the free use of club members for club photos. That means that if the photo isn't about the club or recumbents, please don't put it on the club site. This is not the place for pictures of your kid's birthday party or your pets.

Naturally, common sense prevails here; if there's a nice photo taken during a ride, for example, that doesn't happen to include club members or bicycles, go ahead and send it... just don't abuse the privelege. A string of 35 photos of flowers, trees and sunsets with one picture of your bike is not an appropriate album... please establish and use your own account for that sort of thing.

2) Please give the albums proper titles. Ride albums should have the date and ride name/description. Also, please include your name in the info field of any album you create.

3) Please caption your photos.

4) Anything inappropriate will be deleted.

5) If someone posts a picture or caption of you that you object to, ask to have it removed. Common sense and courtesy prevail.

Final note
Not all club photos are in the account. We have a lot of stuff that's hosted right here on the MARS site, most notably project pages that require a lot of explanatory text. So look around. We haven't come up with policies governing what goes on the site and what goes in the account yet... generally speaking, though, we put items of interest to the HPV community at large on the site so we can structure it properly.

We're happy to post links to your personal photo albums if you like. These links would appear with your name on the Members page.
Who to complain to
Questions or suggestions about the website should be directed to the Webmaster, Joao de Souza, at