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Welcome to MARS -

The NY Metro Area Recumbent Society

Please explore the site by clicking on the links at left. To learn more about us and to find out how to join MARS, click the About link.

For the latest on club ride info including ride leaders, routes and start times, check the links found on the main RIDES page.

What's New -- Last updated 5/7/08
5/7/08 -
John Tetz's Current Limiter for the Low weight, low power E-Assist
5/7/08 -
John Tetz's Low weight, low power E-Assist
5/7/08 - New Webmonkey! - I'll be doing some re-design and re-structuring of the entire site, but that will require some time. So for now, any new articles added will have a friendly plain-vanilla look until I decide what the final look is going to be - João

Much time has passed........

4/11/06 - Chris has given us final jersey designs for long sleeve, short sleeve, a cycling cap and a headsweat. A formal proposal for ordering these is in the list!

Check out the Jersey Project page to see the designs (no pdf download required).
4/7/06 -
We have officially adopted the formal voting procedure. This is controls how we spend club funds. The first vote, shown on the current issues page, will be coming up shortly, dealing with the club jersey project.
3/31/06 -
Tweaked the proposed voting procedure...see the current issues page.
3/30/06 -
Jersey design!! Chris S. has come up with some VERY cool designs for the proposed jersey project. Click to go to the jersey project page.
3/30/06 -
IMPORTANT!!! The final, formal proposal for a club voting procedure has been posted on the new Current Issues page. Please read affects how money is spent by the club!

Also posted the April 9 Round Valley ride...10:30 start, led by Rich Sadler.
3/21/06 -
Eric Kollenberg is trying to put together a New Paltz ride for sometime in May, along a different route than the one we've got posted. Sounds like a good time...get on the list to discuss it.

Updated the BikeNY pages with new address info for registration.
3/14/06 -
Edited the New Paltz ride route page to note that there's a convenient place to split up for those who don't want to climb the Gunks.

Also made some changes to the Ride Policy page to make it a bit more clear what rides and ride pace is all about. Everyone should read this at least once, to avoid misunderstandings.
3/13/06 -
The first club ride of the year last Saturday was a great success, with lots of good-natured mutual abuse after the fact on the mailing list. Welcome to the club, you new guys!
3/8/06 -
The mailing list "reply to" function has been fixed. Your replies to mailing list posts will now go to the list instead of the member who posted the original message.

Shelly is leading a GWB ride this Saturday, March 11, departing at noon. Jersey side of the bridge up 9W to the state line and back, 12 miles each way, lunch at the Ft. Lee Diner afterwards. Details about the ride route and directions are on the GWB ride route page. All are welcome!

There is no stated pace for this ride. Details of how the ride is conducted are up to Shelly...if you want anything specific (more frequent regroupings, longer rest stops, a sweep, etc.) please bring it up with him before the ride. You may do so in person on Saturday, or by posting on the mailing list.

As always, the ride is what you make it. We try to accommodate everyone's needs, but ultimately it's up to each individual rider to take responsibility for their own ride.

If you haven't read the MARS ride policies or how lead-drop-follow ride navigation works, please take a moment and read our Rides pages.

Sunday, March 12: Burt Rothberg has proposed a Princeton, NJ area ride for Sunday, but hasn't given any further details. Check the mailing list for details.
2/23/06 -
Registration for Bike NY is now open! Once again these fine folks have been too enough to offer recumbent riders FREE front-line passes (you still have to pay for the ride, naturally). Check out our Bike NY info page, full of useful tips and tricks that they don't tell you about in the brochure, or visit the FREE front-line pass info page.
1/19/06 -
Updated John Tetz's email address. Seems he's finally entered the 21st century and is no longer using a conventional modem! is the new one.

Updated the Mailing List page to reflect changes that happened a few months ago. If you're not getting list emails, try resubscribing using the links there.

It's a new year, and that means it's time for those of you so inclined to pay dues. Still only ten bucks. Now, in past years there has been some discussion of the whole point of this, given that we don't seem to do anything with the money.

Well, that's not entirely true. We do have to pay for web hosting, and we do carry an insurance policy. And sooner or later, we're going to get interested in having some sort of event.

HEY, WHAT A GREAT IDEA! What say we have a picnic or something like that this year? Get on the mailing list and let's talk about it!

MARS was pretty quiet in 2005, unfortunately. I, for one, want to see that reversed in 2006. We've had some great rides and a lot of fun in the past, and we can do it again. Let's look forward to a great year of riding with good friends! GET INVOLVED...TAKE PART...SPREAD THE WORD.

Your humble co-webmaster, Andy Douglas
9/29/05 -
John Tetz's new Trike Foamshell Velomobile, along with his Zotefoam Manual, which describes his new techniques, on the Projects page. John will be bringing this new vehicle to the New England Human Powered Vehicles Rally in Hatfield, Massachusetts, on Sat. 10/8/05. He has also updated his Crr vs Temperature write-up with new summer temperature data.
7/7/05 -
Updated the Rides page to show this coming weekend's Tour de Manhattan splendiferous journey from Chez Spollen to Le Parc Centrale and back. Also updated the language on the Rides page to make it more clear that the most current info is on the mailing list...not the website!
5/5/05 -
Tom Spollen's new Rosebud Bike and T-Bucket Trike on the Projects page.
3/31/05 -
Info on the annual RARE (Rochester Area Recumbent Enthusiasts) Recumbent Rally on Sat. 7/2/05 starting at Hamlin Beach State Park; camping available for a fee, ride is free.
Info on the annual Tri-State Seacoast Century in New Hampshire, Maine & Massachusetts on Sat. & Sun. 9/24 & 9/25/05; register online.
2/13/05 -
Info on this year's 5-Boro Bike Tour (Bike NY) on Sun. 5/1/05, and MARS tips for 5-Boro recumbent riders from previous years. Register by 4/6 to get cheap rate of $36; by 4/18 is $42; day of tour is $55.
1/18/05 -
John Tetz's Crr vs Temperature test results on the Projects page.
12/29/04 -
Info on upcoming Fri. 12/31, Andover, NJ, ride on Rides page.
10/26/04 -
Chris & Tom Spollen have added a fairing to their Wizzer Trike, built in July 2004, on the Projects page.
9/23/04 -
Info on two upcoming MARS rides: Lambertville on 9/26 and Round Valley on 10/10, on the Rides page.
7/31/04 -
Info on MS Bike Tour of Manhattan on Sun. 10/17 on Non-MARS Rides page.
7/26/04 -
Info on upcoming Sun. 8/1 Belle Mead, NJ, ride on Rides page.
7/23/04 -
Info on upcoming Sun. 7/25 Lambertville, NJ, ride on Rides page.
7/20/04 -
Chris & Tom Spollen's new Wizzer Trike construction write-up and photos added to Projects page.
7/6/04 -
Posted revisions and corrections to the Round Valley route, and added a downloadable spreadsheet in Excel format. Also posted current information for the North County Trailway. Both of these routes are found in the Ride Route Archive.
6/21/04 -
Info on upcoming Sun. 6/27 Lambertville, NJ, ride on Rides page.
5/28/04 -
MARS member John Tetz is the Featured Rider on Bentrideronline; see John Tetz Projects pages.
5/24/04 -
Info on upcoming Sun. 5/30 Lambertville, NJ, ride on Rides page. Links to reports of 5/23 Bloomin' Metric, CT, and Tour de Elizabeth, NJ, rides on Past Rides page.
5/17/04 -
Links to reports of 5/16 North County Trailway ride on Past Rides page.
5/6/04 -
Links to reports of 5/2 Bike NY ride on Past Rides page.
Link to report of 4/25 Lambertville, NJ, ride on Past Rides page.
4/20/04 -
Link to photos of Rich Sadler's folding bike; link to report & photos of 3/28 Lambertville, NJ, ride on Past Rides page.
New MARS gear is available. Andy Douglas has had some really sharp embroidered baseball-style caps made. Go to the Gear page to check them out. Available to dues-paying members for actual cost, plus postage.
Link to reports & photos of 2/29 Lambertville, NJ, & 2/28 NYC rides on Past Rides page.
2/21/04 -
Added final chapter to Joe Keenan's 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris Quest on the Library page.
1/10/04 - Reminder: If you haven't paid your dues for 2004, please do so.
Please see the About page for more on dues and info on how to pay. Still only $10...and discretionary. (What we really need isn't your's your participation!)

Added a profile and email link for member Al Herman to the Members page.
12/7/03 -
New data added to John Tetz's Texas write-up.
12/5/03 -
Tom Spollen's new Tiki bike on the Projects page. Link to Sam Whittingham's report on the Texas write-up.
Photos & text by John Tetz about his recent trip to Texas to help with Sam Whittingham's attempt to win the Dempsey MacCready Prize, on the Library page. All measurements must be verified.
11/11/03 -
Link to reports of 11/9 Round Valley ride on Past Rides page.
- Changed the About page to more accurately describe how the club treasury is used and to make it clear that you don't need to be a member to ride with MARS.
- Added MS Word, Adobe Acrobat and HTML versions of the new Ride Waiver to the Rides page. Also altered the language on the Rides and About pages to reflect this.
- Reorganized the Rides page slightly.
11/6/03 -
New cue sheet with route change on Round Valley Route page.
11/4/03 -
Link to reports of 11/1 Central Park ride on Past Rides page.
10/26/03 -
Link to report of 10/26 North County Trailway ride on Past Rides page. Updated the route description.
Link to reports of 10/19 Tour de Bronx and photos of 10/19 Salisbury, CT, rained-out ride on Past Rides page.
10/15/03 -
Link to reports of 10/11 Sea Gull Century, MD, on Past Rides page.
9/29/03 -
Updated Joe Keenan's email address on the Members page.
Past Rides page.
9/25/03 -
MARS congratulates the participants in this year's World Human Powered Speed Championships. A few days before the event, a call was sent out for donations so that prize money could be awarded. MARS contributed $250 to the cause, plus whatever private donations were made by members. According to the WHPSC website, a total of $1600 was raised. Thank you to all who donated out of their own funds. This morning, Fast Freddy Markham posted the following on the BentriderOnline website: "I'd like to personally thank everyone for their donation to Battle Mt. What you did was really cool and restored my faith in humanity...or, well, at least the recumbent community. So you guys are winners in my book. Thank you!"

Links to reports of 9/21 Round Valley ride and 9/20 Seacoast (NH) Century on Past Rides page.
9/13/03 -
Reorganization of the site structure: a lot of stuff has moved around inside the site, and the actual URLs have changed, so you may need to change your bookmarks. Email Andy Douglas if you can't find something.
Shortened the About page and added a master page for the Spollen projects.
9/10/03 -
Added new links and deleted dead ones on Links page. Deleted stuff from the Gear page that is no longer available.
9/2/03 -
Added Jim Lynch and Mike Pidel to the Members page.
8/28/03 -
Added seven photos of Joe Keenan taken at Paris-Brest-Paris to a separate Joe Keenan photos page so his email page will load faster. Moved five old photos to this page.
8/26/03 -
Added Joe Keenan's latest emails about his experiences at Paris-Brest-Paris on the Library page.
8/21/03 -
New totally revised article on making wheel discs by John Tetz on the Projects page.
8/12/03 -
Link to reports of 8/10 Central Jersey ride on Past Rides page.
Added two-page write-up, including 24 photos, of Chris & Tom Spollen's V-Bee Streamliner on the Projects page.
7/28/03 -
Changed the link to Joel Waxman's personal bent page on the Members page. Joel has done a lot of interesting mods to his Trek R200.
7/25/03 -
Added Appendix on Welding Zote Foam (11 photos & text) to John Tetz's Vacuum Foamshell write-up.
7/23/03 -
Links to report & photos of 7/20 Millburn, NJ, ride on Past Rides page.
Link to Alan & Judy Weiss's journal & photos of their recent 255 mile, 6-day trip around part of Lake Champlain on their BikeE tandem on the Members page. Set photo size by viewing Options.
7/12/03 -
Links to reports of the Central Park Li'l Bike Race on 7/11 on Past Rides page
7/11/03 -
Cue sheet & directions to start of Millburn, NJ ride from Alan & Judy Weiss' house on Sun. 7/20.
Link to Guy Jackson's photos of the 4/27/03 NYC Ride on the Past Rides page; they are on the MARS Club Photo account.
Changed Hugh Butler's email address on the Members page.
Links to ride reports for the Bloomin' Metric on the Past Rides page.
Links to Dick Ludwig's photos of the North County Trailway & 4/27 NYC rides on the Past Rides page.
5/10/03 -
Links to ride reports & photos of 5/10 New Paltz ride on the Past Rides page.
5/6/03 -
Links to ride reports and ride photos for rides so far in 2003 on the Past Rides page.

5/5/03 - The New Paltz Ride has been proposed for Sat. 5/10, with the leg with the big hill to the waterfall omitted. Meet at the parking lot at 11 am.
Moved some items on this page to the Archives.
5/2/03 - Added photos of Chris Spollen's streamliner updates.
4/28/03 -
The next ride is Bike NY (the 5-Boro), Sun. 5/4. Visit the Bike NY pages for details.
4/17/03 -
Ride in NYC! Shelly Mossey will be leading rides to help promote the NYC Bicycle Show on both of the next two Sundays, 4/20 and 4/27. Meet at noon behind Tavern On The Green. See the Rides page for full details.
Updated the MARS flyer PDF file to make it more current (it recommended that people find a BikeE dealer to learn about recumbents), and reshuffled the About page.

4/9/03 - Major reorganization of the Projects page.
4/9/03 -
Ride for Sun. 4/13 on the North County Trailway is on.
3/27/03 -
Reorganized the Rides section. The current ride is now on the main Rides page. The Upcoming Rides page is now devoted to future events.

3/25/03 -
New, simpler directions have been posted for getting to the various meeting spots for the North County Trailway (thanks, Offir). These directions affect anyone coming over the Tappan Zee Bridge, so check them out. Also added specific mileage information for the various sections of trailway to the route description page. Added directions for the Eastview meeting spot and maps for all three meeting places. Updated the description for the ride to reflect newly opened sections of the trail. Also revised the meeting place directions to show Millwood as the primary meeting spot. Added some useful links to other pages about the trailway, and fixed the link to the page with pictures of the trailway, which was broken.

Updated the GWB ride route description to reflect the fact that the bridge on 9W (just after the route leaves 9W has been completed. This means that it's now possible to continue on 9W all the way to Nyack, bypassing Piermont.

Updated the Links page with links for Linear, Organic Engines, & ICE, and deleted the link to now-defunct BikeE.
3/11/03 -
Added or updated entries on the Members page for Offir Kilion, Mike Wittman, Dan Gilloon, Hugh Butler, Marty Smith, Joe Keenan, Joao de Souza, Alan & Judy Weiss, Carter Brown, Tom Borgman, Paul John & Ann Marsden, Franny & David Yerkes.
3/5/03 -
Updated link on the Upcoming Rides page for Montauk Century &
6/21 Rochester R2k.3.4 ride info. Also removed the OCBC Country Roads tour, which will not be held this year.
2/22/03 -
Fixed broken links to the new ride profile graphics for Cherry Valley & Delaware Water Gap. Resized the graphics to reduce file size & improve display.

Bike New York will be held May 4 this year. The official Bike New York website is scheduled to be updated on February 24. Click HERE for our own recumbent-specific Bike New York pages, including how to get FREE FRONT-LINE PASSES as well as tips and tricks.

Did a massive update and reorganization of the Upcoming Rides page. All upcoming rides (MARS or not) are now on the same page. Check it out to see upcoming centuries, rides put on by other clubs, etc.

Archived old What's New items. Archived all old Past Rides links. If you want to find a particular link, please email Andy Douglas.
- The Cherry Valley Loop ride description, directions & cue sheet have all been updated thanks to Dick Ludwig. Also, Dick provided us with a nifty elevation profile graphic of the ride. Dick also did an elevation profile for the Delaware Water Gap route. Dick says that if there is enough interest in these route profiles he can do one for any ride he attends, thanks to the magic of GPS. So if you like what you see, let the club know by posting your viiews on the mailing list.

John Tetz updated the Andover Ride cue sheet.

1/20/03 - Reminder: It's the beginning of a new year... Dues are, um, due. It's still only $10. For full info on how to pay, go to the About page.

Your webmaster, Andy Douglas, is now on the staff of, tasked with contributing feature articles from time to time.

The Photos page has been reworked to make it more clear. There is now a direct link to our ClubPhoto page.

Power Assist article by Rich Sadler has been posted to the Projects page.