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Who we are, how to join, and all that

MARS flyer
-- We've cooked up a nice little flyer that answers a lot of questions about recumbents and describes the club. Feel free to download it and print a few copies to hand out.. It's in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF) and will require the Acrobat Reader (free, available from

Click HERE to download the MARS flyer PDF.

Current issues facing the club are found on the Current Issues Page.

How to join the club

Here's what you get:
A cool bumper sticker. Free participation the mailing list. League of American Bicyclists standard insurance coverage for official rides. Discounts on MARS gear, when available. Eligibility to vote on matters involving the expenditure of club funds.

At this time you do not need to be a dues-paying member to use the website or mailing list, or to get involved in club activities and discussions. This is least one local bike club we know of restricts access to all of this stuff if you don't pay up.

Payment of membership dues is optional at this time, and some choose not to contribute.
However, your participation is appreciated, and carries with it tangible benefits. There's more about the club treasury and what we spend it on below.

To join MARS, send a check for $10 made out to the Metro Area Recumbent Society to:

Steve Friedlander
100 Stone Run Rd.
Bedminster, NJ 07921

For your convenience, we also accept payments via credit card, using PayPal. Visit to find out more. PayPal payments should be sent to (The procedure for sending money via PayPal is explained at the PayPal website... please go there and look it over before asking us questions.)

Regardless of your form of payment, please include your contact information... name, address, phone number, email... and whether or not you want a club bumper sticker (it looks just like the yellow banner at the top of the page). We don't share this information, and providing it is entirely voluntary. A membership roster is available to paid members on request from Steve Friedlander at

You can email Steve if you have any other questions about membership.

And don't forget to join the mailing list!!!

About the club
The Metro Area Recumbent Society (MARS) is a recumbent bicycle and HPV enthusiast group based in the New York Metro area. We have about 100 more or less active members (give or take) located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you're in the vicinity, chances are there's a MARS member not far from you.

You don't need to be a member, or even ride a recumbent, to ride with us. However, like any bike club, if you do ride with us regularly you're encouraged to join. We have membership dues of a measly $10 per year, which go for things like insurance coverage, odd expenses (such as software to maintain the website), a small donation to our web host and a "rainy day" fund in case there are any unexpected or increased costs down the road.

The club treasury is also available for anything the members deem worthwhile, such as activities, donations and so forth. All significant or discretionary expenses are discussed on the mailing list, so all of the members get to have their say. Decisions are made by a formal voting procedure, and only paid-up members are eligible to vote.

The club is very casual. There is no president, no "ruling council," no "those guys," no "inner circle," NOTHING. Nobody is in's benign anarchy. All we are is a bunch of people who ride recumbents and like to have fun together.

Basically, if you want to see something happen, it is entirely up to YOU to step up and make it happen...that goes for rides, get-togethers, club initiatives...anything. It's the members who make this work, and if you don't speak up and take the initiative, nothing will happen! You have the tools, in the form of the resources on this website and the mailing list. You can wait for a nonexistent authority to do something for you (never going to happen) or you can be proactive and make it a fun, great thing. It is UP TO YOU.

The best way to get to know us is to subscribe to the mailing list. It's very active, and is the true heart of the club. See the Mailing List page for more details.

Legalese: All artwork on this site is Copyright © 2003 and 2006, Moonlightpress Studio. For information and to contact the artist, email Chris Spollen at

All riders participate in MARS rides at their own risk. Suing the club wouldn't do you much good anyway... we don't have enough money to make it worth the trouble. Use common sense and take responsibility for your own actions.

Who to complain to
Questions or suggestions about the website should be directed to the Webmaster, Joao de Souza, at