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Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles    
An article by MIKE ELIASOHN
Ralph Koser has been building and racing recumbent bikes since before I got involved in HPVs. I have vivid memories of him zipping around the track in his micro-liners. Mike has written a great article highlighting the cycles that Ralph has built over the years and here it is:
Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles
Light & Motion bike light reviews    


Light & Motion had a booth set up at the 2014 Recumbent Cycle-Con and I stopped by to check out the lights. The product at the Light & Motion that caught my eye was a lightweight USB rechargeable unit with a separate head and tail light that straps to your helmet. 
I chatted with the booth representative for a while and he also showed me a USB rechargeable tail light which seemed blindingly bright in the convention hall. After the show, the L&M rep gave me the VIS360 and VIS180 bicycle lights and said they would appreciate a review on the products. They seemed like great products and they are made in the USA so I agreed to review them. Read More....
New Trike Speed Record    
Congratulations to Australian Gareth Hanks of team Trisled for setting a new multi-track human powered vehicle (trike) record at 72.94 MPH during the 2014 WHPSC!
WHPSC 2014 at Battle Mountain    
The week long 2014 World Human Powered Speed Championships is over. At this event racers from around the world combine technology and athletics to achieve the fastest flat track human powered speeds in the world. Currently the fastest human is Sebastiaan Bowier of Human Power Team Delft. In 2013 he set a new speed record of 83.13 MPH! 

Check out the WHPSC 2014 pictures and results here
Evelyn Hamilton, Recumbent Racer?    

Very little has been said of historical female recumbent racers. Female bike racers were downplayed in general in the early 1900s.

Evelyn Hamilton was a 1930s British cycling legend who was known for racing upright bikes. What was not widely known was that she was a recumbent enthusiast, and possibly a recumbent racer!


Build a Simple SWB Recumbent    
These instructions describe how to build a dual 20" short wheelbase (SWB) recumbent bicycle using garage sale parts in 10 steps. If you have some scrounging and building ability, access to some tools, and some time, you will be able to build your own nice handling and comfortable recumbent bike. 
You will be able to find most of the items at garage sales or even put out on the curb as "junk" for for waste pick up.  Read more...
Velocar Racing History    
In 1934 a French second category professional track cyclist named Francois Fauvre rode the Velocar to record speeds, breaking both the mile and kilometer records of the day. This created a storm of controversy within the UCI.
The debate centered on whether the Velocar was a bicycle and if the records were legal. In 1934 the UCI ruled against the Mochet-Faure records, banning recumbent bicycles and aerodynamic devices from racing. 
More info with pictures and video
How To Go Fast    

Many recumbent cyclists are content just cruising along and smelling the flowers. 

But maybe you are a bit of a malcontent. 
A rebel without a cause. 
Maybe you want to ride fast.

Top 10 of Human Powered Achievements of 2013    
  1. The AeroVelo / University of Toronto team members won the $250,000 Sikorsky prize for Human Powered helicopter flight.
  2. Maria Leijerstam became the first person to pedal to the South Pole. She rode a custom ICE recumbent trike.
  3. Maria Parker won the RAAM in the female recumbent category after making an incredible comeback. She was also fastest female overall.
  4. Sebastiaan Bowier of the Delft team set a new WHPSC Battle Mountain 200M world record of 83.13 mph.
  5. Team Cieo broke the Tandem One Hour record by riding 51.582 miles at the Dekra track.
  6. Wil Baselmans set a 79.18 mph 200M personal best at Battle Mountain in the VeloX3
  7. Sebastiaan Bowier set an unofficial unfaired stock one hour distance of 32.023 miles at RDW.
  8. Gareth Hanks set a 45.857 mile one hour world record in the single rider trike category.
  9. Graeme Obree's prone streamliner 200M record attempts for bringing media attention to the human powered speed championships.
  10. Keita Saito of Tokyo Tech's team Meister won the 2013 Japan International Birdman Rally with a flight distance of over 20 kilometers.

Click here for more information and commentary

WHPSC 2013    
WHPSC 2013
The 2013 World Human Powered Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada was held from 9/9 through 9/14. On the last day of the event Sebastiaan Bowier of the Netherlands pedaled the Delft Velox 3 to a new 200 Meter world record speed of 83.13 MPH! Check out the WHPSC site for all the results and pictures from the race week! 

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