Full Faired Recumbents
a.k.a. Human Powered Vehicles (HPV), a.k.a. Streamliners
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The one time World Record Holding Cheetah HPV, with a sprint to 68.73 mph. The composite bike weighs 21lbs., the fairing 8.5 lbs. The rider was Chris Huber, and the design team (pictured behind the Cheetah, left to right): James Osborn, Fevin Franz, and Jon Garbarino.

The Gold Rush family. The Gold Rush was the previous record holder. Eventually raised record to 65.84 mph. Gold Rush Le Tour.jpg 15k  The Easy Racers Gold Rush Le Tour. A chopped-and-channeled version of the record-setting Gold Rush. Photo by Jeff Wills
The Gold Rush, now displayed in the Smithsonian Museum in Wasington DC, Gold Rush.jpg 9k
The Gold Rush Replica, an aluminum framed light weight verion of the Tour Easy. A production version of what is inside the Gold Rush fairing. Gold Rush Replica.jpg 24k

The Vector, a fully faired tricycle recumbent, held the record in 1980 at nearly 63 mph.Vector.jpg 21k
Photo by Jeff Wills

Photo by Jeff Wills

This bike (trike) is so beautiful I even broke my own rule on the size of the thumbnails on this web site but I think its worth it! To this day the Vector's name still comes up on the IHPVA's listserver once in a while. Three wheels, fiberglass shell, Lexan canopy. 24" sew-up tires in front, 700C rear, drum brakes on front wheels. This particular Vector (there were several) has an additional crank bracket for hand cranking.


The Varna Streamliners
Some photos and comments of the Varna taken by Jeff Wills when Paul and George Georgiev went down for a testing session at Portland International Raceway.

Varna banking Paul and the Varna going through the last turn at PIR at speed. That's George in the background. Paul was just warming up at this point- doing "only" 35mph.
Varnabank1.jpg 10k
Another shot of the Varna at speed. I think he got this in the right light and just the right angle. Pretty, eh? Varnabank2.jpg 16k
A shot of George cocooning Paul in the Varna. The top (yellow) portion of the fairing is flexible and snaps -I think- to the lower (black) portion. The lower part forms most of the structure for the bike. Varna-Prep.jpg 19k
Varna on truck The Varna Orpheus mounted on the back of their pickup truck. I can only imagine what other drivers on the Interstate 5 thought of this. Varna-Truck.jpg 15k

Now for some shots Mark Matarella took of the US Speed Championships in Columbus Ohio in 1995.


Infinity, the Cyclopedia Moby w/John Simon, and LaFleur Chmp954.jpg 96k

Infinity, the Cyclopedia Moby, and the WISIL missle Chmp951.jpg 111k
Infinity and the WISIL missle
Chmp953.jpg 99k
LaFleur, John Simon, and Ralph Kosner
Chmp955.jpg 108k
Lafleur, fast man of the day
Lafleur2.jpg 96k
The WISIL Missle, ready for launch
WISL1.jpg 47k
The WISIL missle, guts exposed
WISL2.jpg 184k

More random stuff...

Aerolope.jpg 32k
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The Aerolope HPV, built by Boris Zakoldev here in the US, the same fellow who built my HPV while in Russia!

Photo by Jeff Wills
The fairing from the Lightning X-2. This is only the fairing and it's mounted to a wall, which accounts for the odd angle. This vehicle holds the record for the Seattle to Portland run.

jes2.jpg (7805 bytes)

Elwood Smith's HPV - Check out Elwood's homepage for several photos (including larger images & more information) of his HPV. Elwood says, "This HPV was purchased in Boulder, Colorado and ridden back to Texas in 1983. Still looks good in 1998...".   It is "a Cyclodyne made by Cyclodynamics Inc. Designer: Alan Carpenter. If you have old Popular Science magazines the story is in the Jan '84 issue page 88..."

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